Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Race information for the opening race of the CCCX downhill (DH) has been posted:
"The course has been selected for race #1. It looks to be a true DH test with some railing trails that have never been used before for any cycling event. The opening is high speed, with some roller coaster like sections, where riders can really get some serious speed. There are a few blind turns where gravity will be felt as racers swoop off of hills and drops at high speeds. Then the course dips into some super tight single track trails that highlights braking and turning ability of rider and bike. Be sure and watch your speed here as it is steep and tight and there is a high possibility of over shooting some tight turns. This route looks to have perfect traction in the dirt with the past few rains, and if the weather holds up, this could be one of the sweetest DH courses around! Like in all CCCX DH races, there will be some pedaling near the end that will check your fitness and form ... Please remember to respect other Toro Park users and be thankful to the Toro Park Rangers for allowing the DH races to take place! There is a 30 minute hike to get to the start area."

CCCX DH #1 is this coming Saturday at Toro Park near Monterey, registration open from 8 AM until 11 AM.


Anonymous said...

those drops sound big?

Anonymous said...

they are not drop offs, more like roller coaster sections that come after high speed fire roads! so it is really just hang on and feel the speed!
there is also some tight sections that have a few small drops, but nothing major, and this is a good course for all levels, yet one of the fastest and best dh courses i have seen around. it is like a full on fire road fest on top that really is railing, and then it goes into tight single track and switch backs and some sweet never been used grass of camber sections.
DH racers are so lucky to have a chance to race this route as it has never been used before and is basically virgin track!