Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2007 Northstar DH #3

The folks at Northstar have posted the results the third race in the downhill series.

It looks like Mike Hardrer won the Pro Men's and Tasa Herndon took the Female Open.

Congratulations to David Beress (B17), Ryan Hall (B24), John Ledbetter (B29), Christopher Stante (B39), Charlie Velez (B40+), Marcelo Villejas (E17), Daniel Nunes (E24), Mike Sylvestri (E26), Naomi Murray (E29), Graham Murray (E34), Matt Snyder (E44), Mark Audiffred (E45), Nova Hairston (F29), Buffy Lloyd (F30), Nathan Brown (S13), Chance Anderson (S17), Adam Sherman (S17), Joel Pitra (S26), Javier Bustamente (S34), Paul Brush (S44), Jim Wintermyer (S44), George Volinksy (S54) and William Dinkum (S55+).

dhRENO has the full race report on this one, along with a lot of pictures.

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