Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bigfoot Classic Results

I'm a little late on these, but this year's Bigfoot Classic XC, DH and SuperD results have been posted. Photos are available at I am not going to comment on the Unicycle results in the DH race :>

Congratulations to the following winners:
Beginner Senior 25-29 Casaurang Danny
Beginner Master 30-34 Wells Keith
Beginner Master 40-44 Morrison Troy
Beginner Master 45-49 Payne Robert
Beginner Master 50-54 Clemente Ron
Beginner Clydesdale 34- Rose Steve
Sport Senior 19-24 Camper Eddie
Sport Senior 25-29 Brashear Rocky
Sport Master 30-34 Torres Carlos
Sport Master 35-39 Kelly Steve
Sport Master 40-44 Thomason Scott
Sport Master 45-49 Jacinto Richard
Sport Master 55-59 Kluck Larry
Sport Master 60-64 Minton Charles
Sport Master 65+ Robinson Russ
Sport Clydesdale 34- New Jesse
Expert Senior 19-24 Graves Justin
Expert Senior 25-29 Ellis Seth
Expert Master 30-34 McNaughton Danny
Expert Master 35-39 Surges Bill
Expert Master 40-44 Rouch Alexander
Expert Master 45-49 Simpson Mike
Expert Master 50-54 Wykle Tim
Semi-Pro 1-99 Brown Chris
Pro 1-99 Astell Brian

Beginner Master 40-49 Ashley Lena
Sport Senior 19-29 Monroe Michelle
Sport Master 30-39 Leon Rita
Sport Master 40-49 Martel Melissa
Sport Master 50-99 Hodgson Daphne
Expert Senior 19-29 Worldpeace Emma
Expert Singlespeed Wilder Dez
Sport Singlespeed Beaver Ben

Pro/Semi-Pro Men Olson Nick 9
Expert Men Jr. 18 & Under Adams Taylor
Expert Men Senior 19-29 Weidenkeller Erich
Expert Men Veteran 30-39 Delong Jared
Expert Men Master 40-49 Frame David 1
Sport Men Jr. 18 & Under Rossow Nick
Sport Men Senior 19-29 Graves Joel 104
Sport Men Veteran 30-39 Wilson Paul
Beginner Men Jr. 18 & Under Hoeft Austin
Beginner Men Senior 18-29 Briseno Joel
Beginner Men Master 40-49 Williams Ray
Expert Women Senior 19-29 Hairston Nova
Expert Women Veteran 30-39 Ross Sandra
Sport Women Veteran 30-39 Vitale Deborah
Unicycle Men Kennedy Chris 300

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