Wednesday, August 01, 2007

24 Hour MTB US Champions

The results are in for this year's USA Cycling 24 Hour Mountain Bike National Championships. The men's solo category was won by Chris Eatough (Baldwin, Md./Trek-VW) for the fourth year in a row and Pua Sawicki (Mililani, Hawaii/Team Ergon-Ellsworth) brought home the gold for the women.

Men’s Solo
1. Chris Eatough (Baldwin, Md.)
2. Nat Ross (Golden, Colo.)
3. Mark Hendershot (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

Women’s Solo
1. Pua Sawicki (Mililani, Hawaii)
2. Rebecca Rusch (Ketchum, Idaho)
3. Danielle Musto (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

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