Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2008 Boggs III

The guys over at bikeMonkey have the preliminary dates for Boggs III, the north bay 8 hour race:
"Saturday, April 5th (2008). I promised you in March that anyone there on that day would be invited to pre-register for the race. I also promised to cap the event at 200 participants. I am a man of my word. Hey, the big farm truck with the band on top has to fit somewhere!

So within the next month registration for Boggs III 8-hour XC Endurance Race will open up ONLY to those who participated in last year's event. You will have about 6 weeks to pre-register before the field spots open up to everyone else. I'll post registration date specifics soon.
" (Via
Keep the date open.

UPDATE (11/07): the Boggs III website is now up.

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