Friday, December 21, 2007

Buck Ridge Race (1 & 2)

Some more racing news from the Central Valley:
" is kicking 2008 off with a Bucking BANG! The Buck Ridge Mountain Bike Race at Hensley Lake is on!  If you have raced our other events, then you have come to expect the unexpected and so be it!  We will be running the same course as last year only to run in the opposite way on May 10th for the second race at Buck Ridge in '08." (Via Buck Ridge Race, Hensley Lake, CA)
The course is described as "6 mile circuit course. A rolling trail with short fast climbs and short fast downhills. Mostly single track sprinkled with fire road. Not real technical and an absolute blast to ride. Laps vary on category." Here are the particulars:
Event: Buck Ridge Race
Dates: February 9 and May 10, 2008
Location: Lake Hensley, CA (north of Fresno)
Competition: XC
Cost: Pro/Experts = $45.00, Sport/Beginner = $40.00, 14 Under Beginner Boys/Girls 1/2 Lap only = $25
License: None

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun race. Anyone else going? I found the gps data on geoladders looks like a bit of climbing but mostly rollers. Looks like a great single speed course.