Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lloyd is back on the scene and making a big splash

Nice story on NorCal local MTB and CX racer Rachel Lloyd:
"With an upgrade to the professional ranks, Lloyd raced year-round for the next seven years. Every spring and summer was spent on the mountain bike (both cross country and downhill) for big pro teams like Gary Fisher, while fall and winter were reserved for cyclo-cross. She was a threatening force on the pro circuit, making regular podium appearances in all three cycling disciplines.
But in 2004, at the top of her career, Lloyd walked away. While typical post-career protocol includes overindulgence in food, drink and socializing, Lloyd simply carried on as normal - minus the racing. She continued working as a massage therapist, riding her various bikes on local trails and roads, running errands on her BMX bike, rock climbing, trail running and taking her motor-cross bike out for periodic spins."
(Via Marin Independent Journal - Christine Vardaros: Lloyd is back on the scene and making a big splash)

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