Friday, December 28, 2007

CCCX DH Finals Preview

This Sunday is the last MTB race of the year, the CCCX Fall DH finals:
The final race route of the CCCX Fall/Winter Series will be very similar to the final route used in the past two series final race. The finish will be in the Bessie Canyon Parking area, which is also where the series final awards will take place following the timed runs. The course starts out with a new section that is rocky and full of land mines. Then the course flows on to a long fire road, and there is some pedaling after the rocky start. Then the course switches off between single track and fire roads the rest of the 2 mile trail. This particular course will test a riders strength and speed, as well as turning and braking skills. Traction and dirt hookup will be awesome as recent rain has made the dirt grippy and ready to rip.
Also, get in a good cause to help a fellow rider:
Please be sure and help support "Mr E." by getting involved in the series final raffle in his name. The CCCX Series sponsors, such as X Fusion, have stepped up with some great prizes for the CCCX Series final raffle, so please be sure to purchase a ticket at registration. All of the funds raised in the raffle will go directly to "Mr E." who was hurt in a bad fall at another event up north.

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