Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bike Monkey Magazine

An announcement from the North Bay MTB community:mime-attachment.gif
Bike Monkey is publishing a magazine about cycling, and it is almost here! Its release will coincide with the Tour of California as it rolls through Santa Rosa on February 18th. It will deliver things that are utterly relevant to cyclists and non-cyclists alike. The people who are working on publishing this magazine are extremely passionate and dedicated to the cause - to bring us something new and unique that underscores who we are, and where we live. But more importantly, something that will positively affect our community, and those that are connected to it.

We are dedicated to producing a top-rate magazine that symbolizes the passion that went into it; a magazine that does something. To emphasize this, we are taking 2% of all profits, and giving them back to advocacy organizations that bust their keisters every day to bring a better place for us all to live, work, and play. Starting with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and the Sonoma County Trails Council - these two organizations provide exemplary services to our community by advocating and acting on behalf of safer places to ride and stewardship to open more space for us to experience the outdoors.

In order for Bike Monkey Magazine to be successful we need to find 1,000 subscribers for the first year! That's a lot of cyclists, and we are asking for your support, either through a donation or by subscribing to help us take off. We are also asking you to encourage your cycling friends to subscribe as well. Please distribute this solicitation as you see appropriate so we can deliver Sonoma County's first ever culture-centric cycling magazine for many years to come!
You can subscribe here.

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