Sunday, January 20, 2008


Today marked the start of the 2008 MTB season with TBF Racing's MTB Kickstart. Billed as a shorter MTB Challenge XC race, it was held on largely the same course as last year's MTB Challenge races, with the subtraction of the Beek's Bight section.

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The course measured about 6.7 miles and 900 feet of climbing per lap.

I raced the MTB Challenges for two years now and ride in Granite Bay frequently, so I knew what to expect. However, this morning's bitter cold (about 37F at race time) was certainly a twist. I got out to a decent start (about 1/2 way back in the Sport pack) but new I was in for problems at the first climb. Since I had just gotten back from overseas on Saturday, my legs just weren't in it. And my back started cramping up pretty early. Which are both excuses for a crappy finish towards the back (if not DFL) of the pack.

Results should be posted sometime tomorrow (unless TBF takes the day off for MLK). TBF Racing's next race is the first MTB Challenge on February 3rd.

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