Monday, January 07, 2008

Boggs III Update: Registration Closing

An update on the 2008 Boggs III race:
Boggs III Registration will CLOSE on Wednesday, January 9th. We are just past capacity, and have decided to let the event grow only slightly from its size last year - baby steps. We are very much of the mindset that if it ever looks like there are too many people - THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE. Last year was nearly perfect with room for just a few more entrants. And that's what we have this year - just a few more.
There will be no same-day registration. So make sure to get your entries in by Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

so if i didnt see the update till january 18th there is no way i can still register

/k said...

I think that is the long and short of it. You might want to drop Carlos an email and ask him though. I think his email is los at (replace the "at" with "@").