Sunday, March 23, 2008

2008 Lake Sonoma #1 Results

Lake Sonoma Series #1 results have been posted.

It looks like the course had approximately 5 mile laps with a 1000' climbing per lap.


Congrats to winners Max Plaxton (Men Pro), Katarina Nash (Women Pro) and Glenn Fant (Singlespeed).

If you want photos, email Trey from SCAR Sports with your race number.


ZenTurtle said...

Results have been updated, there's a new link:

Anonymous said...

by the way, there's no race on 4/26. here is the schedule:

#1: March 22nd
#2: May 10th (donate a bike and race FREE!)
#3: June 21st

NEW:#4: Saturday, July 19th - EVENING RACE: 5pm start
(no series points. longer XC course. BBQ/camp after!)

#5: August 16th
#6: September 27th
#7: October 18th (Series Final