Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shasta Lemurian Update

The Way NorCal racing season starts later this month and here is an update on the Shasta Lemurian:
"COURSE UPDATE 4/13/2008
The course today was dry and fast. Extended weather forecast indicates only a chance of showers on a handful of days. I expect conditions to be dry and fast on race day. Tires of choice will likely be those best suited to dry conditions. The Gas Can decent was extremely loose and sketchy, caution is advised as you won't win the race here, but could lose it here. Virtually no mud on the course. Lines on the Couch continue to improve. The Ice Box decent is rougher than previous years. Most of the blow down on the course has been removed, the remaining obstacles do not require a dismount. Check back for further updates.
Course Director- Ron Bresolin"
Via Shasta Lemurian Classic Bike Race


Anonymous said...

Don't want to sound like a jit-bag but we are pondering a seven hour drive! Hoping the legs are good enough to sneak into the money for the pro class. Could you let us know how deep/how much in hopes this will fuel us up the last climb? Looking forward to the singletrack regardless!

/k said...

sorry, didn't see your comment until today (blogger isn't good at highlighting these).

To your question: I don't believe there is a Pro purse for this race. At least, I haven't seen any mention of it. And most (all?) of the proceeds benefit the trails ...