Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 CCCX Spring DH Series Wrapup

Another report on the CCCX DH series from Dusty Downs:
dh82008.jpgThe CCCX fund raising effort for the Mark Reynolds memorial cause was a huge success. It was a honor for all the races to have Mark Reynolds family in attendance, as well as Mark's nephew taking the final run of the day in Mark's memory!

Top 3 Overall Fastest times of the day went to:
  1. Jimmy Amaral (Point 1 Racing)- 3'49''.56 *
  2. Keith DeFiebre (Calabazas/CVC/Oakley/Scott/Ritchey/WTB)- 3'54''.09
  3. Keith Morelan (Ride SFO) -3'54''.43
Full results are here.

As always, Rick R has an abundance of pictures at his SmugMug site.

Congratulations to all 2008 Division Winners!
PRO/SEMI PRO: Ian Massey (Point 1 Racing/WTB) - Concord
EXPERT MEN 19-34: Jordan Lopez (WTB/Point1/Gamut/661/Crank Bro.) - Lincoln
EXPERT MEN 35-44: Keith DeFiebre (Calabazas/CVC/Oakley/Scott/Ritchey/WTB) - Prunedale
EXPERT MEN 45-54: Scott Seery (Team Wrong Way)- Pleasanton
SPORT 19-34: Josh Maurer (Tomac/661/Ride SFO)- Scotts Valley
SPORT 35-44: Jason Kent (TieniDuro Jr. Cycling)- Lafayette
SPORT MEN 45-54: James Morelan (Cerk Racing)- San Jose
BEGINNER MEN 19-34: Brett Wheeler- Salinas
BEGINNER MEN 35-44: Les Hansen (Steven's Bikes)- Fresno
BEGINNER MEN 45-54: Tony Gasparich- Aptos
MEN'S 55+: Jesse Mazza (Bike Performance/Rockhead Racing)- San Jose
HARDTAIL: Keith DeFiebre (Calabazas/CVC/Oakley/Scott/Ritchey/WTB)- Prunedale
SINGLE SPEED: Keith DeFiebre (Calabazas/CVC/Oakley/Scott/Ritchey/WTB)- Prunedale
CLYDESDALE: Doug Dreager (Another Bike Shop)- Santa Cruz
PRO WOMEN: Sondra Williamson (Specialized/Sram)- Morgan Hill
EXPERT WOMEN: Kelly Moore- Monterey
SPORT WOMEN: Deborah Vitale (SCCCC Team Santa Cruz)- Santa Cruz
BEGINNING WOMEN: Roxanne Canent (Barf Racing)- Oakland
Jr. Girls 18 & under: Alyssa Hansen (Steven's Bikes)- Fresno
JR. EXPERT : Keith Morelan (Ride SFO/Cerk Racing)- San Jose
JR. BOYS 16-18: Alex Deich- Santa Cruz
JR. BOYS 14-16 : Max Rausch (Carmel Bicycle/Blue Whale Racing)- Monterey
JR. 13 & under: Cody Womack- Granite Bay
NO CHAIN: Keith DeFiebre (Calabazas/CVC/Oakley/Scott/Ritchey/WTB)- Prunedale
PIXIE: Drummond Buchenroth- Carmel Valley

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