Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ROAD TRIP: Fears, Tears and Beers

2008Flyer.jpgBefore you tell me that Ely is 7 hours away from NorCal and that gas is a hundred dollars a gallon, I am still going to post this because I think this is a cool race.

This weekend is the annual Fears, Tears and Beers enduro race in Ely, Nevada. What exactly is an enduro race, you ask ?
"There will be 3-5 timed sections or "special tests", mostly twisty downhills. The sum of the times on these special tests will determine the winner. So take your time on the uphills and enjoy the scenery and then let it all hang out in the special tests. Beer provided by White Pine Brewing Company based out of Ely!"
Lazy climbs AND BEER ? We could learn something from the Nevadans on this. We need to move this idea into NorCal pronto.

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