Monday, April 13, 2009

2009 CCCX DH #3 Results

2009cccx3dh.jpg2009 CCCX Downhill Race #3 Results have been posted. As always, Rick R has a full set of photos chronicling the event (the photo at right is courtesy of his site).

With the Sea Otter coming up this week, it looks like the race was overflowing with Pro talent. The top 10 Pro/Semi-Pro finishers were:
  1. Mark Weir WTB/Fox
  2. Jimmy Amaral Point One Racing
  3. John Hauer Team X-Fusion/Intense
  4. Ian Massey Stone Racing/WTB
  5. Keith Morelan Rala Jala Minnske
  6. Keith DeFiebre GT Coalition/Calabazas
  7. Ben Cruz WTB
  8. Kenney Burt WTB/Jamis
  9. Matthew Cipes Specialized/Thunder Bringers
  10. Alain Lanusse Specialized
The ladies were also well represented with Leana Gerrard (X-Fusion/Monovie Cannondale) taking the pro win.

Next race in the CCCX Downhill series is May 3rd.

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