Friday, April 10, 2009

CCCX DH #3 Preview

2009dh25.pngOkay, Monday's post might have been a false alarm ... I was certainly not well yet. But I am now. Promise.

This Easter weekend has only one race on the schedule: CCCX DH #3 near Monterey, CA. Here's the preview of Saturday's race:
For race #3 there will be three people at the registration tables checking riders in on race day. This will make registration quicker for everyone. At the start line there will be 2 people organizing the starting order based on the sign in sheet for start times at registration. Please do not try and start earlier then your selected start time. Riders doing multiple divisions should go to front of the line so they can post multiple runs on the day without running late. The starter will have a list of the riders who signed up for more then one division.

The course for race #3 will be somewhat similar to race #1. It will be super fast at the start with the highest speeds of the course in the first 1 minute of the race. The recent rains combined with hours of trail work have made the race route extremely fast, with all the trails in great shape. The race route will have fire roads, single track, tight and open corners, and off camber sections to challenge each rider. The speeds will be high, yet there will also be some slow turns where riders need to practice break checking and work on tire traction in the corners. The times will be around 3 minutes plus- for this test of skill, ability and fitness.
While it's raining outside now, tomorrow's forecast is nothing but sunshine. Make sure to take advantage of it to get your last bit of training before next week's Sea Otter Classic.

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