Saturday, August 08, 2009

2009 CCCX XC Series Champs

I completely missed this due to my vacation in early July, but I wanted to make sure and get this up for everyone that competed in this year's CCCX XC racing.

CATEGORY Series Champion Team / Sponsor
PRO/SEMI-PRO Greg Heinz Joselyn's/Burnham Coaching
PRO/EXPERT WOMEN Jamie Stamps Another Bike Shop
EXPERT 18 & under Bryon Duke Salinas H.S. Cowboy Racing
EXPERT 19-34 Brian Butler Joselyn's/Burnham Racing
EXPERT 35-44 Alexander Rouch Joselyns
EXPERT 45-54 Tim Sawyer Bicycle Trip/Team Symantec
EXPERT MEN 60+ Jeffrey Linder Plus 3
EXPERT WOMEN 35+ Sabine Dukes Velo Bella
SPORT 18 & under Scott Kolofer Salinas
SPORT MEN 19-34 Joseph Brody Beaver Racing
SPORT MEN 35-44 Shane Flynn Hwy 68 Hillbillies
SPORT MEN 45-55 Jim Werle Sterling Sports Group
SPORT MEN 55+ Joseph Crabtree Forest Hill Bike Shop
SPORT SINGLE SPEED Vincent Kurtis Brown Hwy 68 Hillbillies
CLYDESDALE Daymon Prewitt Me
SPORT WOMEN 34 & under Megan Zemny Team Roaring Mouse
SPORT WOMEN 35-44 Heather Stallion Info Vista
SPORT WOMEN 45+ Henrietta Stern Hot Flash Chicks
JUNIOR MEN 14-18 Nick Casaccia Family Cycling Center
BEGINNING MEN 19-34 Seth Leidy Berkeley
BEGINNING MEN 35-44 Peter Howarth San Jose Bicycle Club/ Sugar CRM
BEGINNING MEN 45-54 Mark Knutson BSA Racing / SCCCC
BEGINNING MEN 55+ Rick Ortenblad Harbor High School
JUNIOR MEN 13 & under Sagee Moyal Summit Bicycles
BEGINNING WOMEN 19+ Brianne Spiersch Joselyns
JUNIOR WOMEN 18 & under Emily Cerna Salinas High Cowboys

Congratulations to all the winners. Oh, and CX racing starts on September 20th.

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