Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bidwell Bump Returns for 2009

bidwell_superd.jpegOops, I got this last week and forgot to post it.
Chico State is finally hosting a race! There will be 4 events:XC, SD, ST, and or course DH! They will be held at two venues for optimum riding! The XC race will be in Bidwell Park and so will the Super D! And the DH and Short track (Collegiate Only) will be held in Oroville (a neighboring town) 30 minutes south of Chico.
Via Chico State Cycling Home.

The races will be held on September 26 & 27th but no word on costliness yet. I've split these into two events on the calendar: DH/ST and SD/XC since they are so far apart.


Anonymous said...

First Bidwell Bump...August 1976, announced in Clunker Craziness flyer published by Chuck "Bodfish" Elliot in Chico, Ca. Twelve participants, ten men and two women.

Anonymous said...

he Bidwell Bump™ returns for 2010! The event will be held on Saturday, September 18th in Upper Bidwell Park Chico, CA. This year features a four class Cross Country ("XC") race and a Super Downhill (Super D) event for Pro and Expert riders.

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