Sunday, August 02, 2009

TBF Racing Fri Night Series II Winners

Although I haven't seen the winners for last the last race of the second Friday Night Series yet, TBF Racing has posted the overall series winners on their website. Congrats to :
Junior Male Wyatt Morin
Junior Female Avery Morin
Novice Male 20-29 Tim Pendergrast
Novice Male 30-39 Andrew Mujica
Novice Male 40-49 Darold Cooper
Novice Female 20-29 Meghan Veiga
Novice Female 30-39 Monika Idzkaoska
Novice Female 40-49 Silke Schulz
Novice Female 50-59 Jane Conrad
Single Speed Male Open Danny Perez
Single Speed Male Masters Kevin Denison
Sport Male 19-under Josh Evans
Sport Male 20-29 Adam Ferreira
Sport Male 30-39 Anthony Launey
Sport Male 40-49 Darryl Moxley
Sport Male 50-59 Tom Snyder
Sport Female 30-39 Erin Upchurch
Sport Female 40-49 Valerie Alexander
Sport Female 50-59 Lynn Yelland
Expert Male 19-under Kyle Luther
Expert Male 20-29 Matthew Obregon
Expert Male 30-39 Kirk Edgerton
Expert Male 40-49 Marty Cunningham
Expert Male 50-59 Christopher Holmes
Expert Female 40-49 Kimberly Alvarez
Via TBF Racing: Fri Night Series II Race Results

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