Monday, October 12, 2009

2010 Global Biorhythm Events

Close on the heels of this season's "Leave No Trace" series ender (this weekend's Knickerbocker 50mi/8hr), preliminary dates and races for next year's series have been announced:
2010 Global Biorhythm Events Schedule
  • May 1-2: Coolest 8 & 24 Hour Race Against Cancer (Cool, CA) **
  • June 6: Cool Mountain Bike Race (Cool, CA) **
  • June 19: Oak Tree Super Deeee (Auburn, CA)
  • July 18: Boggs 8 & 24 Hour (Cobb, CA) **
  • July 31: Sugarpine Mountain Bike Race (Foresthill, CA) **
  • August 14: Oak Tree Super Deeee II (Auburn, CA)
  • August 21: Boggs Mountain Bash (Cobb, CA) **
  • September 4-6: Tahoe Sierra 100 (Ice Lakes Lodge, Soda Springs, CA).
    Three day stage race OPTION. Racers have the option of doing just the 100, or the three day stage race. Solo racers doing all three days. Or teams of two doing all three stages both racers doing the three stages. Or teams of three with each racer doing one stage each.) **
(**) 2010 Leave No Trace Series races
Via Global Biorhythm Events.

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