Friday, October 02, 2009

NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: Oct 3 -4, 2009

Racing is starting to wind down for the year, so for this weekend's calendar I am opening it up nationwide. In case, you are looking for a serious roadtrip:

10/03/09: Whiskeytown 9-5 / 24 (NorCal, near Redding)
10/03/09: Parkfield Classic (Central CA, near nothing [ed: kidding])
10/03/09: Road Apple Rally (NM)
10/03/09: Bryan Texas Utilities Power Pedal (TX)
10/03/09: Fall Tilt in Telluride (CO)
10/03/09: SoCal Fat Tire Epic 50 (SoCal)
10/04/09: Northstar DH (Live Wire Classic) (Truckee, CA)
10/04/09: Wolf River Rendezvous (WI)
10/04/09: Leaf Blower (NJ)
10/04/09: North Texas XC #3 Rowlett Creek (TX)
10/04/09: BASP CX #1 (Bay Area Cyclocross)

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