Friday, November 27, 2009

CCCX DH #3 Moved To Sunday!

A late change to this weekend's CCCX Downhill race near Monterey:

The race will be SUNDAY not Saturday, due some scheduling conflicts

Here's the course preview:
This Sunday's DH course will be approximately 3 miles long and descend 1100 vertical feet. The trail is nicknamed by the locals as "Rail Trail". Basically it is a railing, twisting & turning trail where holding your line at high speed is key to fast times. The Route starts on a very fast fire road, then drops into 2 miles of railing single track trails. The trail network features many tight turns, high speed turns, natural drops, berms, all on very fast single track. There is also some strength check sections where pedaling and fitness determine who can reach the highest speeds. This route has been a favorite during each of the previous CCCX DH Series and is used at least once each season. Please remember the race is on Sunday!
Again, the race is Sunday. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.


Anonymous said...

why is this on your site but not the cccx site.

/k said...

it is.

see "CHANGE OF DATE: This weekend's race is SUNDAY NOVEMBER 29th" on

Anonymous said...

What I ment was the course discription was not on the cccx site do you have a inside sourse ?

/k said...

Yes, the race organizer emailed me. Many of the race organizers drop me emails to get the word out -- most of them are racing experts, not HTML experts.