Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 SoNoMas Filling Up

This weekend is Bike Monkey'sSoNoMas but there are still a few spots open ...

I'll keep this short and sweet... as sweet as 35 miles of extremely challenging single-track can be.

SoNoMas is turning 2 on Sunday, the 29th of August, and you're presence is requested. We are throwing down in a big way to make this event the biggest, best, and most challenging single-day cross-country race we can concoct. How are we going to do that?  You be the judge.
Registration includes the afformentioned 35 miles--all of them, a couple of staffed rest stops with grub and joy, a solid EMT staff in case of any misshaps (you ride safe out there), a mass road start, camping, breakfast, lunch, beer, classy die-cast medals to the top 3 in each category, and a thick wad of cash for the top 10 professional athletes in both the mens and womens categories.

Pre-registration guarantees you that T-Shirt, otherwise your favorite volunteer gets it if you show up on race-day asking for a spot. If you're planning on coming, help us plan too and REGISTER TODAY

Via Bike Monkey.

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Maniac on Wheels said...

One of the toughest races anyone will encounter on the West Coast!