Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Next Locust Ride Set for 10/3/10

This Sunday (10/3/10) brings another edition of the Locust / MCBC Fun Ride -- "Private Locust":

Private property.  There's a fair amount of it in Marin county.  Usually, there's a locked gate and you can't ride through it. Wouldn't it be cool if someone got the property owners to throw open the gates and let us in?

Especially if it's right in Marin County... giant redwoods, rolling ridgelines, twisty private fireroads and some steep stuff both up and down?  It's almost like ... Endor.

Be at the Java Hut in Fairfax at 9:00 and get a cup of coffee and sign up.  We roll out at 10 sharp.

As usual, Superstar local riders, friendly faces and good times.  Memorable aid stations and lots of snacks and refreshments. We've got loads of prizes from you favorites and a fresh new t shirt too.

The money goes to SFBC so they can continue to make a difference.  Only $15!

Pre-ride data coming soon - Mixed terrain.  Fireroads, roads and the occasional rock.  Ride profile... Six Flags Rollercoaster. Miles and miles of places and stuff you've never seen.  Several chances to let go of the brakes entirely...

Bring a bag with some dry clothes too... there's a chow down/gulp down/bro down at the finish.

More information at Locust Ride blog.


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