Thursday, September 16, 2010

NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: Sept 17-19, 2010

For those of you making your weekend plans, here is quick rundown of this weekend's MTB racing schedule for NorCal:

  1. Northstar Super D Series (09/17/10): Northstar at Tahoe's gravity series continue with Friday night's Super D and Sunday's downhill.
  2. Kirkwood 9 to 5 #2 (09/18/10): Another big race at Kirkwood, this time it is Team Bigfoot's 8 hour endurance race.
  3. The Bidwell Bump™ Mountain Bike Race (09/18/10): Chico's lone entry on the calendar combines a XC race and a Pro/Expert Super D.
  4. Kirkwood Six Hour SuperD (09/19/10): Probably the most unique race this season: "It's simple, the clock starts in the morning at 10:00 am and stops in the afternoon at 4:00 pm. The rider with the most COMPLETED runs by four wins." Learn more at the Team Bigfoot website.
  5. Northstar DH Series (09/19/10): Last DH race before the Race 4 Tara III.
  6. CCCX CX (09/19/10): First CX race of the season (I think ?).

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