Thursday, October 28, 2010

RACE REPORT: 2010 Folsom Rodeo CX #1

Although I was without my new cyclocross bike (in the shop over at Folsom Bike & Grind with some rear wheel repairs, thanks guys), I headed down the series opener for the Folsom Rodeo Cross. I've always wanted to race at night, and really like that the Rodeo grounds are so close to my house.

I've captured some video of the Men's A & B race, from near the first downhill in "Sherwood Forest."

Overall, a fine start to the season - good course (although a bit technical at night), good crowd and superb organization as always by Bicycling Events. I am pretty sure that I finished near the back of the pack, but I'm going to blame that on racing my SuperFly (2.2" wheel and all) :)

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Sean B said...

Some good info here. I like your style!