Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2006 US 24 Hour Nationals

With all the Downieville preperations (and bike problems), I kinda spaced the US 24 Hour MTB Championships:
... Chris Eatough (Ellicott City, Md.) bested a field of 27 for the Men’s Solo Open title, riding 17 laps with an average lap time of 1:08:38. He completed the event in 19:26:55 to finish ahead of Nat Ross and Mark Henderson who completed 15 and 16 laps respectively.

Rebecca Rusch fulfilled her Stars and Stripes dreams in the Women’s Solo Open category. Toeing the line with a field of 13, she rode 14 laps with an average time of 1:20:32 to best Slingshot Bikes and Sue Juedes, who each completed 14 laps of the 9 mile course . . .

Complete results for National Championship and non-championship categories can be found here.
Solo Goat has some pictures on his blog.

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