Thursday, October 05, 2006


The folks over at the CCCX DH have updated their site with some information about the course for CCCX DH #3 this weekend:
The course has been set for race #3 and it looks to be fast, furious and fun for all racers who attend. The DH route will use portions of the same trail used for race #1 but will have a more direct line to the finish and times will be faster. The speeds will also be much higher in some sections and the riser section toward the top of the course will be hit with a faster line for more speed into the rise. Near the end of the course will be some add on trails that will challenge suspension, breaking and turning ability ... Parking will be in the same area as the past two races, and the hike to the start will be the same steep trail used for race #1. Also for race #3 and future races, the starter will call out names and times of the starting order! So the start time you sign up for at registration will be used at the start, and your name and # will be called 5 minutes before your scheduled time to get racers in proper starting order.

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