Friday, January 05, 2007

Team Bigfoot Announces 2007 Schedule

The good people up north at Team Bigfoot have announced their preliminary 2007 MTB racing schedule:
  • March 31: The Pre-Otter, Arcata (STXC)
  • May 26: 12 Hours of Weaverville, Weaverville (MA)
  • May 27: Gravity Day, Weaverville (SD, DH)
  • July 20-21: Bigfoot Classic (SD, XC, DH, STXC)
  • September 15: Whiskeytown Classic, Whiskeytown Lake (XC, DH)
  • October 6: Whiskeytown 9-5, Whiskeytown Lake (MTB Endurance)
  • October 19-21: Lagrange Fall Classic, Weaverville (SD, XC, STXC, DH)
There are still two events that need to be scheduled: the Humboldt Hoedown (SD, XC, STXC, DH) and the 12 Hours of Humboldt (MA).

I will have more details on these events as the details emerge, but in the meantime you can check out the archives on last year's events.

In addition to the mountain bike racing, Team Bigfoot also promotes a few road and cyclocross (CX) races. These races include: Tour of the Unknown Coast (Road Century on May 12), Arcata Downtown Criterium (Road Race on June 3), Redwood Cyclocross (CX on Oct. 28) and
Annual Stomach Churn (CX on Dec. 19th).

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