Thursday, January 18, 2007

2007 Downieville Classic Update

The folks over at the Downieville Classic have posted an update on the 2007 edition and it contains some interesting tidbits:
  • The race appears to be July 13 - 15 as we previously speculated. That would mean July 14th for the XC race and July 15th for the DH. This is still pending approvals.
  • They have announced Santa Cruz Bicycles as their title sponsor. This figures, SC has been a major player up there for a number of years and they also run Hell Week in the same area. It also doesn't hurt that Santa Cruz Nomad Posterboy Mark Weir wins there occasionally.
  • They've lengthened the DH run to included the Sunrise trail, which adds 2 miles of singletrack at the top, making it about 17 miles.
I think the most interesting bit of their update is thrown in at the bottom of the page though -
Stay tuned for Downieville Classic particulars, dirt on SBTS Mountain Epic rides, and the lowdown on the Sierra Crown trans-sierra mountain bike stage race.
The folks here at NorCal MTB Racing are wondering if the Downieville folks are telepathic or tapping our computers. Very, very interested in the stage race.

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