Monday, January 15, 2007

2007 CCCX Schedule Changes

Keith over at Central Coast Cyclcross (CCCX) dropped me an email to say that he needed to make some changes to this year's CCCX XC and DH schedule. Here are the changes:
  • Due to the Firestone Walker and 24 Hrs of Andrenalin events, some of the dates have changed.
  • XC races #6 and #7 have changed dates. Race #6 is now May 19th (moved from April 27th) and race #7 is now June 3rd (from June 10th).
  • Sites for the XC races have been announced. All of the races are either in Fort Ord East Garrison or Toro Park.
  • DH race #3 has been moved from April 28th to May 20th.
  • There is a new opener for the DH races series on Saturday, Feb 17th
  • Announced the scoring for the XC and DH series: throw out the lowest score of the series except the final, highest total score wins. For the DH races, this is best of six. Best of nine for the XC series.
This makes the combined schedules for the XC and DH series look like this:
XC #1 : February 11 (Ft. Ord East Garrison)
DH #1 : February 17 (Toro Park)
XC #2 : February 18 (Ft. Ord East Garrison)
XC #3 : March 3 (Ft. Ord East Garrison)
XC #4 : March 10 (Toro Park)
DH #2 : March 11 (Toro Park)
XC #5 : March 31 (Toro Park)
DH #3 : April 1 (Toro Park)
XC #6 : May 19 (Toro Park)
DH #4 : May 20 (Toro Park)
XC #7 : June 3 (Ft. Ord East Garrison)
XC #8 : June 23 (Ft. Ord East Garrison)
DH #5 : June 24 (Toro Park)
XC #9 [XC FINAL]: June 30 (Toro Park)
DH #6 [DH FINAL]: July 1 (Toro Park)
I'll update the iCal schedule and sidebar with the new dates.

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