Friday, December 14, 2007

2008 Singlespeed World Championship Dates !

Picture 1 2.pngJust as I was about to post a bunch of boring links to tied you over for the weekend (don't worry you'll get them this weekend), this popped up in my rss reader:
"Stay tuned...In between training and pre-riding the course, we're also working on this here website ... dates confirmed Aug. 23 - 24, 2008" (Via SSWC08==>Napa, California)
and then this:
"I could give you a lot of details, but then it wouldn't be the SSWC. Some things have to stay cloaked in darkness for little while. We will have more details around the first of the year for everyone, including registration. The venue is Skyline Park, one of my favorite places to ride. Get to know poison oak and dry heat. It is a hard course and we are already thinking about prizes for those who actually finish all three laps. We want to set up rides every day leading up to the race and a few afterward too. We really want to show our out of town friends what it's like to ride in Northern California. We have enjoyed such great times from our hosts at other SSWC cities and want to share what we call home with those who make the trek West" (Via Dirt Rag {Web Rag})
Judging by the website, it looks like the SSWC08 organizers are on the ball with their preparations for this year's event in Napa, CA.

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