Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2008 Brake Burner 6hr Super D with Mark Weir

Racing news from New Zealand (my sometimes workplace) with a NorCal twist:
Weir traveled to New Zealand to race a 6hr chair lift Super D race called the Brake Burner. Very cool idea behind a unique Super D race that we could easily see becoming more popular. Weir claimed 2nd place at the race behind Geoff Small.It’s not often Weir doesn’t win a Super D race and Vorb has got a cool interview up as well that is definitely worth checking out with Weir about the race and more. Additionally, there’s a helmet cam video on Vorb as well showing some of the terrain."
(Via Sicklines.com)
If you ever find yourself in Queenstown, you owe it to yourself to rent a bike.


Anonymous said...

If you ever go to NZ, they have some of the best MTB'ing I've ever done. Taupo area on N Island. Hawke's Bay, aweesome road and MTB, and Queenstown is off the hook. That's their major Tahoe type ski area. The HUGE difference is the lack of insurance there, makes all those sick N. Shore type lines feasible that we can't get in the states w/o a fee due to lawyers. they have them in their little local MTB parks, all of the sudden, there's a 20 stream jump, or a fire road drop/ kicker.
siiiick lines in NZ.

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