Monday, February 18, 2008

Karl Rogne Cancer Fund

The good people at dhRENO alerted us to a MTBR thread about a rider in need:
I found a awhile back that Karl Rogne, a pro rider from Go Ride, has cancer...Quick background. A group of us were riding late last november on a section of trail we all knew pretty well. Karl went pinning it into a section he'd ridden many times before but with the ground frozen and being a lot faster than normal got caught up over the front of his bike and faceplanted HARD. He broke his jaw, his right arm and tore up his face pretty badly. When doing some scans on his spine to check for any other damage, the radiologist noticed what turned out to be lymphoma around his heart. A few biopsies later, revealed early stage 2 non-hodgkins growth.........just in time for the holiday season .... He's been getting chemo at stanford once a month (two treatments now) which is essentially just an IV drip. He's rocking the mandatory mr clean hairdo and his energy levels are in the toilet. He's a great guy with one of the most positive attitudes on life I've ever met. You can hear the sincerity in his voice that there's no doubt he's going to beat this but with the medical insurance 'system' in this country being what it is, the financial side of this will kill him before any disease will. Again......he HAS insurance. This isn't the guy who doesn't cover his ass when going out racing professionally.
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