Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Niner Bikes Gives Back

one9green.jpgNiner Bikes is raising money for the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) by producing some limited edition frames with your help:
"For IMBA, Niner will paint 25 M.C.R. 9 frames and matching Reynolds rigid forks with an ‘IMBA’ themed paint job. What is an IMBA themed paint job? That’s where you come in. Niner is asking you, the riders, to submit what you think an IMBA themed paint job is. The possibilities are endless; the only rule is that somewhere, somehow, the IMBA logo be used in the paint scheme. To enter the contest, go to www.ninerbikes.com, read the rules and use the M.C.R. 9 frame and fork template to create an ‘IMBA’ themed paint scheme. The winner will win one of the limited edition frame and fork combos and see their artwork painted onto 25 more frames. The winner will be announced on February 29th, 2008." (Via Niner Bikes)
I bet we see some cool design come from this. Submissions are due by February 26th.

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