Sunday, February 10, 2008

2008 Lake Sonoma Series

Some news on the 2008 Lake Sonoma Series:
The races are back March 22nd! 2008 Is already a blur. It's going to be mid February in one week, and already the 2008 Lake Sonoma Series is fast-approaching!

The first race of the series starts on March 22nd - month early. Why? Because we're hosting an alternative cross country mountain bike race on Sea Otter weekend for folks who don't want to blow their race wad on one weekend.

To keep it interesting, and to avoid cutting into the series contention for folks who DO want to go race Sea Otter, we're going to host a debut Cross Country "Classic" event at Lake Sonoma that will include at least a 16 mile loop of very difficult terrain - all naturally followed up with beer and burgers. Bring the kids!
I'll add the races to the calendar as soon as I get the details.

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