Wednesday, May 07, 2008

2008 NorCal HS MTB Series #5 Results

I haven't covered the NorCal High School MTB Series in the past (mainly because I didn't really know what it was), but since they started sending me regular updates it just seemed neighborly to pass them along:
Racers from the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League were greeted with a cold and foggy wind this past Sunday in Toro Park, Salinas. However, with 800 feet of climbing per lap riders warmed up quickly as the race got underway. The large climb was followed by a roller-coaster single track with off-camber turns and challenging drops, but ultimately it was a race that favored climbers.

The sixth and final race of the League’s series is just around the corner. The State Championship race will be held on May 18th at Bogg’s Mountain (near Calistoga). Anticipation will be hovering all around that day as results pour in through the finish line, as this race could be the make or break for many riders in their overall series standings.
Full results are available at Photo highlights available at

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