Monday, May 19, 2008

2008 Tahoe-Sierra 100 Changes Course

While I am sad to see the uninformed "not in my backyard" folks win this round, I am glad they've found an alternative starting point:
"After talks with the Tahoe National Forest Service and the Placer County Planning Department, the Tahoe-Sierra 100 start location has been changed, and will no longer begin from the Royal Gorge Ski resort.

The new start will be at French Meadows Lake--59 miles outside of Auburn, Califorina in the Tahoe National Forest. A 10 mile section of the course has been modified in response to environmental concerns about the event's impact.

Opposing groups that collaborated against our efforts to present the Tahoe Sierra 100 include, The North Fork Association, Serene Lake Home Owners Association, and other groups fighting against anything related to Royal Gorge Ski Resort and their plans for development. They have outright attacked the mountain bike racing community stating that we are bad for the environment and that the impact from mountain bike riding is everlasting." Via Global BioRhythm Events.
I don't mean to sound biased on this, but the organizations cited above have repeatedly linked to my sites in an effort to "prove" their case. It's one thing to raise legitimate concerns and negotiate settlement, it's another to spread propaganda.

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Anonymous said...

this is great news! i'm glad it's on!