Monday, July 14, 2008

2009 Fat Cyclist Jersey Unveiled

T6_FatCyclist08_B_thumb.jpgI am kind of sucker for cool jerseys (especially from those rascally Twin Six folks). And good blogs (with people who can actually write entertainingly day after day). So when I saw the newest Fat Cyclist jersey design, I was smitten:
"I can’t stop myself from looking at this jersey. I love the big Clydesdale silhouette in the back. I love that Twin Six found a way to put both the ‘201″ and the ‘WIN’ on the sleeves. I love the pink accent stitching.

I really, really hope you are as much in love with this jersey design as I am.

And now, here are the questions I think you might have and the answers I have for the questions I think you might have.

When can I pre-order one? You’ll be able to pre-order these jerseys next week: July 14 - July 20, from the Twin Six site. I will provide links and reminders as the time gets close.

How much will it cost? Jersey prices (along with everything bike-related) are going up across the board, but we’re holding the price at last year’s price — US$70.00 — for folks who pre-order.

Where does the money go? My profits from this jersey go toward my wife’s cancer treatment, as well as toward doing fun stuff with her and the kids."
Cool threads and a worthy cause (for those of you who don't follow the blog, Elden's wife is battling cancer). You can find out more over at Fat Cyclist.

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