Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tahoe Sierra 100 Update

A short update on the upcoming Tahoe Sierra 100 race in September:
After reviewing the course this weekend with friends we've decided to shorten the team category course to 33 miles of the best stuff we could utilize. The reason for this was decided that the pre-existing 46 mile loop would be too tough for team competitors, and the spirit of enjoyment would be lost. It's all about having a good time, and afterwards we want you to have enough juice left over to pour over the days accomplishments with friends and family alike - otherwise it just wouldn't be racing!

For those of you racing one-speeds, make sure to choose your gearing appropriately. This is the High Sierra, and conditions are dependent on ones ability to handle altitude. The terrain is going to be favorable, but at the end of the day with 14,000 feet of vertical gain that gear ratio is going to make a big difference."
Via Global BioRythm Events. There are also some more updates on the course at the website.

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