Monday, July 28, 2008

NorCal HS League MTB Jobs

And I'm back. Sorry for the inadvertent weeklong outage folks, but I was overseas and found myself without Internet access for a few days. I'll be trying to make it up to you with a deluge of stories that I have queued up on my laptop.

And I start with something that should interest everyone: cold hard cash. Well, at least a job, that pays cold hard cash. And a job that involves both NorCal and MTB racing, at that:
The NorCal High School Mountain Bike Racing League is pleased to announce two new job openings:
Assistant Executive Director
Starting Salary: $45,000 plus benefits
Job Description:

Administrative Assistant
Starting Salary: $30,000 plus benefits
Job Description:
Submit resume and a cover letter to Vanessa Hauswald at
vanessa.hauswald AT gmail DOT com.

Cover letter should include a paragraph describing how this job fits into your current career path. The cover letter and resume must be submitted in PDF format.
Hurry on over and apply if you think you qualify. The NorCal HS MTB league seems like a quality organisation that is really leading the nation to create MTB racing opportunities for young people.

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