Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Santa Cruz Introduces Blur XC Carbon

Wow. Santa Cruz finally made a carbon bike:

From VeloNews:
Santa Cruz is unveiling its latest cross-country machine, a carbon fiber Blur XC, which looks to be the fastest endurance race bike the brand has ever built.

The new frame weighs just 4.2 pounds in a size medium, according to Santa Cruz, which translates to a sub 23-pound complete bike when built with the manufacturer’s XTR-XC kit. It’s light: a pound lighter than the old aluminum frame, but the key to its race worthiness will likely prove to be the next generation VPP suspension design. Santa Cruz touts the new version of VPP as offering efficient bump absorption and quick pedaling response without the need for a shock lockout or platform.
Of course, expect this beauty to set you back some: the frame alone is $2299.

You can check out the entire specs over on the Santa Cruz Bikes site.

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