Monday, January 12, 2009

Shasta Lemurian 2009

I haven't seen this officially announced on their site, but it looks like we have a date for the 2009 Shasta Lemurian:
Saturday April 25 2009 is the date.

Its true that the fires ravaged much of the terrain west of Redding including parts of Whiskeytown. Fortunately the race course was untouched as were most of the other trails! The one caveat is that an area above Brandy Cr Falls burned. The park service has closed the Brandy Cr drainage (Ice Box) to the public until May 1 due to risk of a debris flow. However Lemurian has received permission to use the same course as last year so long as there isn't a big rain event immediately before or during the event. In that case, we'll still go April 25th, but will use an alternate course based in Whiskeytown's Peltier Valley.
Via Forums.

You can see results and details about previous year's Lemurians in the archives.

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