Monday, January 19, 2009

Wisconsin for MTB Venue in 2016 Olympic Bid

It looks like if Chicago wins their 2016 Olympics bid, they will be holding the MTB racing near Madison, Wisconsin:
The cycling events would be shifted from Chicago, 150 miles west to Madison to take advantage of Wisconsin's rolling hills and abundance of excellent off-road terrain.

Cross-Country mountain bike events will be held at Tyrol Basin ski and snowboard area west of Madison.

With it's rolling hills and legions of cycling fanatics, Wisconsin is an ideal locale for the 2016 cycling competition. Wisconsin currently hosts the Wisconsin Off-Road Series, the nations largest mountain bike racing series and Super Week, the only three week road bike racing festival in the United States.

Chicago is competing with Madrid, Tokyo, and Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 Games. Selection for the Games will be made October, 2nd
Via MTB Race News: News: Wisconsin Tapped as Cycling Venue for 2016 Chicago Olympic Bid

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