Thursday, January 29, 2009

TBF Racing Announces Expanded Summer/Fall Schedule

370D0A17-6EE9-4C74-85D9-7DE857E4F27A.jpgIn addition to last weekend's MTB KickStart, TBF Racing has announced some new races for this summer/fall:
In 2009 we are excited to announce twice as many Friday Night Mountain Bike Races – June and July at Folsom Lake, and the new TBF MTB 50-Miler in October, an endurance-event for mountain bikers like never before. This timed event will offer top prizes, have fully supported aid/medical stations, and be on some of the best single track trails in Placer County . Our commitment is to providing top quality, professional Mountain Bike Racing for everyone to enjoy: top age group champions and first-timers with their brand new TREK.
This brings the TBF Racing summer/fall lineup to:
06/12/09: TBF Friday Night MTB (CA)
06/19/09: TBF Friday Night MTB (CA)
06/26/09: TBF Friday Night MTB (CA)
07/17/09: TBF Friday Night MTB (CA)
07/24/09: TBF Friday Night MTB (CA)
07/31/09: TBF Friday Night MTB (CA)
09/26/09: CLIF Bar MTB Challenge (CA)
10/25/09: TBF 50-Mile MTB Challenge (CA)
The 50-miler could be pretty interesting.

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