Monday, May 04, 2009

2009 CCCX DH #3 Results

Dusty Downs , our trusty correspondent down in Monterey, reports on Sunday's CCCX DH #3:
cccx-dh-3.jpgMark Weir (WTB/FOX) ripped apart the trails at Toro Park posting an outstanding race run to claim top honors on the day with a time of 5'24''.81 for the 3 mile route that the locals refer to as "Rail Trail". The course descends 1000 vertical feet and features many high speed single track sections. The fastest female racer was Sharon Hill (Murray Renaissance) with a time of 6'16''.92.

Keith DeFiebre (Gt Dirt Coalition) posted 3 wins on the day claiming the Hardtail division 5'59''.64, The Single Speed division 5'57''.19, and the Chainless race 6'45''.94. DeFiebre was also 5th place in the Pro division.

The Junior Expert winner was Max Rousch (Prime Design/CCCX) with a time of 5'51''.50.

Top 5 fastest overall (all from the Pro division)
1- Mark Weir (WTB/FOX) Novato 5'24''.81
2- Ian Massey (Stone Racing/WTB) Concord 5'38''.73
3- Nick Barton( Supecede) Richmond 5'46''.49
4- Allen Stoddard (Mom) Salinas 5'47''.19
5- Keith DeFiebre (GT Dirt Coalition) Prunedale 5'49''.06

Top 5 fastest Women-
1- Sharon Hill (Murray Renaissance) San Jose 6'16''.92
2- Kelly Johnsen (Chainsmoke) Mt. View 7'11''.77
3- Ashye Tuncer (Chainsmoke) Aptos 7'25''.34
4- Ashley Hernandez (CCCX) San Juan 7'32''.57
5- Kelly Moore (50/50 DH Race Team) Monterey 7'41''.92

full results are here....

The next race in the CCCX DH Series will be held on Sunday May 17 at Toro Park.

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