Thursday, May 14, 2009

SoNoMas 100 Updates

event_sonomas.jpgSome last minute instructions about this weekend's SoNoMas:
Final Venue Location: We decided to move a little higher on the watershed to host SoNoMas. Sorry for all the last-minute changes folks... Bear with us.

WHY THE CHANGE? SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY-- The original route required you to make a left-hand turn on a very busy section of road this time of year. We don't need that on our plate. So instead we are eliminating about 300 feet of climbing. We are also also eliminating the fireroad climb to Liberty Glenn, and instead are routing riders along an additional single-track to make up some more mileage while mellowing out the profile. You'll love us for this.

AID and SUPPORT: You're going to love the support setup we have for this event. Take a look at the PDF MAP HERE and you'll see why. Camelbak is even going to be doing a bottle exchange half-way around the route at a boat-in campsite with cool drinks and supplies. THANK YOU CAMELBAK! Talk about killer local support. A bunch of Gu, fruit, and food items will also be available at staffed aid stations.
Via Bike Monkey Magazine.

There is still time to register before May 14th (tonight).

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