Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 Reno Twilight MTB Series

Wheelmen_banner.jpgTo accompany my slighting of Nevada on the 2009 Nevada Cup announcement, I also missed the Reno Wheelmen's Twilight MTB series schedule (PDF details). While some of these are past, there is one coming up this week:
2009 Twilight Mountain Bike Series
  • Apr 23rd Keystone Canyon
  • May 7th Keystone Canyon
  • May 14th Peavine Hill Climb
  • May 21st Keystone Canyon
  • Jun 4th Keystone Canyon
  • Jun 11th Keystone Canyon
  • Jun 18th Keystone Canyon
  • Jun 25th Keystone Canyon
  • Again, these dates will hit the sidebar sometime later today.

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