Monday, January 11, 2010

The Big Sandy Returns for 2010

big-sandy-2010.pngThe Big Sandy, Central California's point to point race, is back for 2010:
Well we are at it again for our third year. Up to 23 miles of singletrack through the river valley with the wildflowers. We are in the process of getting everything together. Courses are the same as last year. Pro/Cat 1 do a loop on the Ridge before heading down river. We will be capping the number of riders this year. We are growing pretty fast and we want to make sure its still fun for volunteers and racers. Pre-register to make sure you get in. All the info will be updated soon and registration will open as soon as I have signed permits in my hands. Don't miss our trail work days, starting in late January. Check for trail work days
The race will be March 28th near New Auberry, CA. Check out previous year's coverage for more details.

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